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September 27, 2018

The Decision- Making Dilemma: Buying a New Home or Improving your Current Home?

Home Improvement

You love your house, but you need more room? You want a new house, but you love your neighbors? Your house has charm, but it needs a new look? These can be daunting “Dilemmas.” Knowing whether to sell, renovate or build new are decisions many homeowners face.

When it comes to home renovations, knowing what you want is the easy part. The tougher question is figuring out how much you can afford. If you don’t plan your renovation budget appropriately the process can become stressful and unpleasant. So, before you start envisioning your dream space, you need to determine what you can afford and what you are willing to spend on your project. You can work together with your home designer who will give you the advice and guidance you need when undertaking your project. The key to a renovation is design to suit the budget, not budget to suit your design.

Four things to consider when renovating:

1.Do some research and make a plan

When renovating you need to be mindful of your budget and find a designer that is willing to work with you to achieve your goal. At JMH Design you can be assured that your designer will listen to your goals and work within your budget.

2. Set a budget and Time limit

It is important to set a budget when renovating your home and you need to inform your home designer about it. At JMH Design we listen to your budgets and aim to satisfy each client and keep all projects budget achievable.

3.Ask a builder or designer to inspect your home

Before renovating you need to consider a few important elements; is your existing dwelling structurally sound. Does it need structural correction? These questions can be answered by contacting your Builder, Engineer or your Building Designer. JMH Design is equipped to answer all there questions or refer you to the correct service you require.

4.Analyse your family dynamic and needs

If you think that your family dynamic has changed then you need to consider this as one main factor that may cause stress in home renovations. You have to consider and plan the flow in and around the rooms before you start the design process.

Indeed the key to a successful home renovation starts within you. Through correct planning and goal setting.

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